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Plant Your Seed

It's 2020 friends! Is time flying by, or on your side?

Grab that cup of coffee, fill'er up and let's chat. Are you one of those folks that creates a carefully crafted vision board to detail your deepest dreams and desires? Do you drop the bomb and walk away to see what happens? Good news for you, it doesn't usually take a rocket scientist to make your dreams come true! The business you've always wanted is at the tip of your fingers, and we are here to connect you with the best solutions and tools available!

Have you planted your seed? That 'thought' that excites you and drives you to get out of bed could very well be your future. How ready are you? Below, enjoy a few tips to point you in the right direction.


1. Pipe Down on Excuses. Do You Fear Failing?

Let's face it, no 'job' is just easy peasy. Everything has it's own set of hills and mountains to climb. If you're ready to start your business, first address the reasons you fear failure, and throw them in the trash! Find a solution to your issues rather than letting it hold you back.

2. Absorb the World Around You.

Surround yourself with other entreprenuers, doer's, go-getter's, and bad ass boss babes that you aspire to be more like. Join in for luncheons, learn tips and tricks from the best in the business, and find what suits YOU best. Not every business needs a full scale CRM, or has to have a trendy social media channel. What service will you provide? How will your customers find out about you? Ask questions that will give you more insight into the when, where, how, and why's. If you can, find a business mentor while you're planting your seed. Learn from their mistakes, then ask more questions! Cultivate your garden and speak out about your future and why it excites you. Your business will begin to blossom and start to form.

3. Become a Simple Solution.

When you're creating the business structure, let those juices flow! Will you have an every day product, or more of a niche luxury item or service? How will your customers find you? Are you going to have the most rockin' social media presence around? Will your items be for sale online? Create a simple, good quality product or service. For example, if you're opening a plant store: do you really need to have a full service salon inside for the folks that are shopping for a new Ficus and just happen to need highlights? Most likely, no!

Be unique, while offering a product or service that is specfic. If you're opening a plant store, are you a nursery? Do you have whole sale options? Will you be able to have an online store and ship? What is the cost associated with shipping in a timely manner so that the plant doesn't die in transit? Learn your product, count your costs, and make sure it's something that makes sense.

4. Let's Bank!

Set yourself up for success. You need to have a separate business billing account, factor in your business expenses to launch, plus the expenses to operate. Costs to keep in mind include your location, rent, supplies, marketing, and more. When you have that number in mind, multiply by 4. There are always expenses around the corner that you didn't expect, and you must stay prepared for them!

Outside of the business, have you considered what your cost of living is? Healthcare, gas, groceries, mortgages and more should come to mind! Include that into the business number's, then start crafting your business budget. Will you need a start up loan? Assistance from investors? Make a plan, and put it into place.

5. Be Legit. Know Your Limits and Laws!

Business plans can be exciting! Laws are not. Learn how to register your business with your state, take care of your tax liabilities and as you grow your team - you must comply with employer regulations. Follow the rules and regulations deemed necessary by your state. Consider chatting with a small business accountant to set yourself up for success!


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